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UK Dependent Visa

UK Dependent Visa

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The U.K Dependent Visa entitles the settled person who is valid resident /or UK resident to join family in UK. This type of application submission usually applies to family and kids. Permanent residency is a candidate visa status which allows a candidate to live within a country of which they are not a citizen.

A person with Permanent resident upon whom application is based is referred as the sponsor.

Eligibility Requirements

To meet the criteria as a reliant you must be the unmarried, civil partner or spouse of the sponsor. Kids under the age of 18 years or less can also go along with the sponsor as the sponsor’s dependents.

Note-Diverse criteria for the sponsors, the one who is sponsoring you in provisions of your application.

As a Dependent you will have no alternative to public funds. Your application is only getting approved, if you meet the standards. You will need to show that your sponsor profile and he/shehas the essential monetary means and is willing to support you.


If your visa application is accepted for getting entry in UK, freedom to live in the UK.

  • No Work restrictions on dependency visa holders.
  • Applicant can work in any job, at any skill level.
  • No recourse to public funds.

Duration of Stay

If applicant assures the pertinent rules for immigration visa, he/she will be granted imprecisely Leave to Remain in the UK. Dependency Visa holders can often apply for British Naturalisation as a UK citizen after having spent respective years incessantly in the UK.

Language Requirements

Currently there are no such requirements for English language for dependants of individuals holding a points-based visa.


Embassy charges for PhD Students: € 224

Researchers, including employed PhDs and research trainees: € 425

Disclaimer: Embassy can change the visa fee without prior notification. Please check before filing the visa application.


Step 1: Sign up with Abroad Immigration

Step 3: Submit relevant and required documents to Abroad Immigration

Step 4: Case officer prepare your file with the required documentation

Step 5: Documents along with final orientation will be given to the client

Step 6: Appointment date will be fixed by us and informed to you

Step 7: Submission of documents along with other required info like biometric fingerprints

Step 8: Expert advice and guidance on travelling, studying and settling in Denmark