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Schengen Tourist & Visitor Visa

It’s on your dream list, for work or just a desire to travel, like others; spotlight on planning what you will do when you reach your destination. Acquire your Schengen Visas without the hassle. There are 26 Schengen countries in EU.

Abroad Immigration offer you Schengen Visa for touring or businesses in the EU for countries which have fully put into practice for the Schengen contract which entered into a agreement with the mean to eliminate border controls among them. It actually means that Schengen Visa permit to travel to any country within this zone freely, not just your actual destination.

Do you requires a Schengen Visa?
Either you are travelling to one country to another; Schengen Visa must be practice at the embassy of the country of your journey’s major destination or the Schengen country where you going to stay the longest
Migrant doesn’t need this visa if he/she is a holder of an EU passport or a RP( residence permit) holder of a Schengen state (right up to three months stay).

Steps to apply for Schengen visas

Appointment Booking

Our advisors will arrange an appointment to confirm the suitable date and time for you to attend the visa processing centre. You will also have an opportunity to request our help with any documents missing from your application. We will fill an Application Form for Schengen visas online to block your meeting and the document has send for the confirmation of your appointment.

Documents checking

Our team will help to prepare and collect application to make sure your application has the highest possible hope of success. The fee for which is 92.40 GBP (excluding Embassy Fees of between 50 – 145 GBP depending on currency fluctuations).

Visa Application

Applying for a visa, it is mandatory to attend Appointment at the Visa Application Centre in person to submit biometric information, and give the visa and service fees. Generally, visa processing time varies and it normally takes from 3 to 15 working days. As your visa is issued, you will be informed by Text message or email.

Visa collection

By any means if you’re not available to collect your passport, our representatives can arrange for collection for the particular date. Otherwise, you may opt for application sent back by registered mail when you make your visa application.