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Permanent Residency Visa

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Canada is a beautiful land magnificent country with a very stress-free life. It’s the world’s second largest country after Russia. When you arrive in Canada, you get a very welcoming and happy feeling. It’s because Canadians are very warm with a positive and friendly attitude towards foreigners.

Canada provides excellent settlement options in a stable environment. If you want to settle in Canada, you have to get a PR or permanent resident visa. As a permanent resident of Canada you have all the rights of a citizen except voting rights. Canada gives free health services, etc. to get a PR you are assessed on your qualifications, work experience age and skills etc through a point system.

You can also get PR on the basis of studying in Canada. After your studies you have to work and then apply for pr through the same point system but you get extra points due to your Canadian education.

PR of spouse is also granted along with PR Visa

Requirements/Eligibility for PR Visa

PR is granted on the basis of

  • Work experience, Educational Qualification, and skills
  • Business investment
  • Education and /or work in Canada experience
  • Language test for English IELTS
  • Proof of funds to sustain you for a while

Country Profile

It is a highly developed economy but still growing very fast. The population of Canada is very low compared to its area. Its capital is Ottawa. Vancouver is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. . It is a preferred destination internationally and specifically for Indians. There are various activities to do and places to visit in Canada. Toronto is another popular city in Ontario One can enjoy a life of abundance and pleasure. Art, music, events, sports, and festivals, something is always happening. it is an ideal country for Indian to relocate.

Permanent Residency Process

Once you file your application, there is a processing period which may vary from 6 months to 1 year. This is a period you can use to your advantage. During this time, you should prepare yourself for the new life which you will start in Canada. You could consider enhancing your skills by studying or working in the related field. You should also study the employment market in Canada.

If you are going under the business investment category, making advanced plans and strategies will help. Your spouse can also enhance their future prospects as aback-up and support.

When your PR application is approved, you are required to complete some formalities like health check- up.


Step 1: Sign up with Abroad Immigration

Step 2: Submit relevant and required documents to Abroad Immigration

Step 3: Case officer prepares your file with the required documentation

Step 4: Documents along with final orientation will be given to the client

Step 5: Appointment date will be fixed by us and informed to you

Step 6: Submission of documents along with other required info like biometric fingerprints

Step 7: Expert advice and guidance on travelling, working, studying and settling in Canada