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Investor Business Category


Canada has a business investment immigrant program which is aimed to attract experienced business people. If you are an entrepreneur with a business plan good enough for a vast country like Canada, you can sail your boat in the bright and blue waters of Canada. Alternatively, one may invest in an existing business in Canada. Both ways you can claim an immigrant status in Canada. There is, of course, a threshold to invest a certain amount of money. You may invest in an existing business or establish a new one.

The PNP, provincial nominee program, also grants PR in the category of investment based immigration.

Business and Investment Category

Fresh business ventures in any country contribute to the national economy and produce more tax-payers. Consequently, new job are created and more people find employment. Canada also promotes establishing new businesses in underdeveloped areas and specific provinces under the PNP program. In short, acceptance of your proposal for migration on the basis of business and investment would be subject to the nature of business, its area of functioning and the amount of funds you will invest.


Entrepreneurs wishing to settle in Canada have broad choices for establishing profitable ventures. Immigration experts from Abroad Immigration help you in picking up the province best suited to the nature of your business and procuring an immigration nomination for you. Various factors like, economics, profitability, labor availability and adaptability are taken into account. Once you get nominated in the business and investment category, process flow starts for your visa.


  • A valid passport
  • Good health and moral character
  • Proof of sufficient support funds for initial sustenance
  • Good net worth
  • English proficiency

Process flow

  • Step 1) Registering with Abroad Immigration
  • Step 2) Preparation of your file by the case officer with the right documentation
  • Step 3) Assistance to ensure your nomination
  • Step 4) Submission of documents with biometrics
  • Step 5) Procuring the Business & Investment Visa
  • Step 6) Complete guidance on travelling, living & settling in Canada, education & jobs for family and housing