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About Germany

Explore and modernization in Germany is on the rise. Germany has been one of the most popular immigration destinations in the world for some time now. With its strong industrial foundation, Germany is meeting the challenges of global competition while creating secure and sustainable jobs for the future. Areas in Germany tend to magnetize people with a migrant background. Many of Germany's immigrant population live and work in the popular cities of Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Cologne, and Frankfurt.

There is also a significant proportion of immigrants in many other cities and towns in western and southern Germany.Indian intending to work in Germany must apply for an employment visa from the competent mission before arriving in Germany. After arrival in Germany, your visa will be changed to a residence cum work permit by the immigration authority. The German mission abroad can only issue the visa after the immigration authority has given its approval. The approval procedure usually takes from a couple of days to more than five months. In Germany jobs offer opportunities for many people, particularly for skilled workers. Germany is also an attractive location for international student to study.