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South Africa is a country with progressive growth of economy and manufacturing sector. The government of SA also realized that skills and requirement for man power is needed to help grow and support the economic growth of the multi-coloured nation may have to be attracted from outside the country’s borders. They have identified of lacking qualified and experienced staff to achieve and they requires a large number of skilled workers in various positions. For this reason, many foreigners are employed in South Africa. Any person who is not a citizen of South Africa and who wish to work in the country needs to apply for a Work Visa.

A unique set of skills is valuable to the South African sector which brings value socially, economically or in any environment in which they will operate. SA visa is not constrained to those in academic professions. In many cases, we have secured this visa for exceptionally skilled social activists, artists, musicians, and entrepreneurs who are leaders in their industry.

Critical Skills Permit South Africa

The government of South Africa has implemented Critical Skills Permit. This visa aims to charm international talent and experience to specific areas requiring development on South African shores. SA is fastest growing countries on the African continent with the most liberal laws, more and more qualified migrants are migrating here to establish themselves and are at the vanguard of the country’s development boom.

Work visas aren’t as intricate as they seem, and tactlessly this is not understood by most corporations. South African organisation need a relevant candidate to confirm the applicant’s skills and/or qualifications in writing. If you have a doctorate in a specific field, and have published articles and/or are happens to be an expert in a field, this can help you to get better approval chances of application.

If you likely have a job offer and are trapped with your future employer on this point, offer to organize one of our immigration specialists to call or meet for a free consultation. They can relieve you and guide you for the fears you have for not opting South Africa .Generally companies are short-sighted, needing only to employ someone who can join within a month’s time and can meet the requirement at the earliest.

What is critical skills work visa

Relevant skills and qualifications are likely to get entry in South Africa ,someas exceptional by the South African government. A person who has such skills or qualifications may obtain a Critical Skills Work Visa.

  • Allows you to get a work visa without a job offer.
  • You can enter and stay in South Africa for 3 to 12 months to secure a position.
  • Can be a pathway to permanent residence immediately as well an immediate 5 year working visa.
  • The Critical Skills Work Visa is valid for a maximum period of three years, and extension is possible.
  • Freedom to move between employers.
  • Less obligation on employers.


  • Critical visa falls in the temporary residency visa stream and allows Indian citizen to legally live and work in South Africa for a period of up to five years.
  • Visas are approved based on the candidate(applicant) being able to show that they hold the respective work experience and qualifications needed in that specific field of occupation as listed on the Critical Skills List of more than 200 occupations for which this skills shortage exists.
  • The applicant will not need a job offer on application and may apply for this visa without a job offer.
  • Under this visa the holder must secure employment in his specific field, for which this visa was granted, within 12 months.
  • The applicant need not acquire a letter of recommendation from the Department of Labour
  • This visa also offers the conveyor the option to apply for permanent residency in the country subject to certain conditions. But it can be applied for straight away if the applicant can prove more than 5 years’ experience in their field of expertise


  • The applicant canconfirm sufficient knowledge and qualifications to fill a position listed on the critical skills list.
  • The applicant’s occupation must be recognised by SAQA and registered with a professional body in South Africa.
  • You will have to submit proof of this registration along with your visa application.
  • This registration is required to confirm that the applicant holds the necessary skills and experience as stated on their application. It also subjects them to the regulations under which his or her profession is governed in South Africa.

Process involved

  • Evaluating the applicants qualifications and credentials
  • Stating that the applicant truly meets the required ethics of practice within their occupation
  • You may be required to prove valid 3 – 5 years work experience


Step 1: Sign up with Abroad Immigration

Step 3: Submit relevant and required documents to Abroad Immigration

Step 4: Case officer prepare your file with the required documentation

Step 5: Documents along with final orientation will be given to the client

Step 6: Appointment date will be fixed by us and informed to you

Step 7: Submission of documents along with other required info like biometric fingerprints

Step 8: Expert advice and guidance on travelling, studying and settling in Denmark