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Canada Tourist & Visitor Visa

CANADA is a huge nation with some astonishing places to visit magnificent sights views to see at least once in a life span. An incredible view of Niagara Falls and the Northern Lights are undoubtedly stunning and worth visiting. The country has fascinated a huge number of tourists or even temporary visitors. The Government of Canada has abolished Economic Action Plan in 2009, introduced the Marquee Tourism Events Program to support tourism in the nation. This clearly portrays that nation encourages and welcomes tourism Stay in the beautiful nation as a tourist. You can obtain CANADA tourist visa by submitting the said below criteria.
Basic requirement

  • Required a Valid Passport
  • Medically Fit report attested by Doctor
  • Sufficient funds or prove financial stability
  • Statement of return ticket or sufficient funds for the same
  • Prove financial independency during the stay
  • Letter of invitation by a relative or friend (if any)
  • Official document of identity

The purpose and duration of stay in Canada can also be extended, depending upon the desire of the applicant. Nevertheless this process has been in use or functioned up to thirty days prior to the ending of the running visa. The applicant should hold a legitimate reason /circumstance for the extension of the visa. If the government verifies and believe your explanation , shall grant permit for the extended keep.